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Doctor (MD) - 24 hour Notice:
15 minute appointment: $50 charge
30 minute appointment: $100 charge
45 minute appointment: $150 charge
Therapist 48 hour Notice: 
1 missed appointment: $50 charge
2nd missed appointment: $100 charge
3+ missed appointments: Full Fees
Confirmation Policy:
  • Appointments for the doctors must be confirmed by 6:00 pm the evening before the appointment. Any appointments not confirmed will be offered to patients on our waiting list.  Please note our office has a voice mail system available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week for our clients to leave confirmation or cancellation notice.  Call 586-773-6020 ext 0 and leave a message.

  • The office requires at least 24-hour notice of appointment cancellation with our M.D.'s and at least 48 hour with our therapists. Failure to provide the appropriate notice of appointment cancelation and/ or
    no-show for an appointment will result in the following charges:
Upon case approval, save time and complete all necessary forms online by clicking the name of any form below.  If you prefer to download and complete on paper, please click on the PDF icon next to the name of the form. 
download PDF.png
download PDF.png
download PDF.png
download PDF.png
download PDF.png
download PDF.png
General Office Policies
  • It is the patient’s responsibility to obtain information about their insurance coverage from your employer or insurance carrier and the BPC Business Office is available to assist you.

  • The patient is responsible for paying all deductible, copayments, co-insurances or any other balances at the time of their appointment.  If payment is not made by end of business day, a $10 service fee is applied.

  • The patient is responsible for paying all charges that are not covered by their insurance benefits.

  • As a courtesy, reminder emails, texts and/or calls are generated by our automated system. However, it is the patient’s responsibility to confirm their appointments with the office.

Form and Letter Fees:
  • Completion of Insurance or other paperwork are not a covered benefit under medical insurance plans. A $25 per page fee will be charged for the completion of Insurance or other paperwork.  A release of information form must be completed and payment must be made in order to process your request.

  • There is a $25 dollar fee for completion of any letters requested that are not coordination with your primary care physician. A release of information form must also be filled out in order to process your request.

  • Forms and letters will not be submitted directly to the company from our office.  Clients are expected to pick up the original forms and/or letters or we can send them through the patient portal.

*Please refer to our Financial Policy document above for all fees that may apply. 

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