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Haresh Mehta, M.D.          Kathrine Mobisson, M.D.          Francesco Iacobelli, D.O.

Mary DeCarolis, L.M.S.W.     Michael Horwitz, L.M.S.W.    Denise Kelly, L.M.S.W. 


Mary Koukios, L.M.S.W.    Angie Niforos, Ph.D., L.P.C.   Diane Russell, L.M.S.W.


Stanley Stanczak, Ph.D., L.M.S.W.




We realize most of our clients are new to Telehealth visits and it can seem intimidating.  Please know that our knowledgeable staff is here to help you get connected.  Please call our office at (586) 773-6020 if you need assistance.  We encourage you to test the connection prior to your visit to ensure a seamless appointment with your psychiatrist or therapist. 

Telepsychiatry and Teletherapy provides convenience and increased accessibility to psychiatric care for clients who are unable to be treated face-to-face due to temporary circumstances such as physical limitation, being away at an in-state college or an extended stay away from home which prevents a client to travel to our office.  These services are not meant to replace in-person care but to enhance it.

In light of the current situation, we are working diligently with Insurance Companies to provide Telepsychiatry and Teletherapy services for our established and new clients.  Insurance companies are constantly modifying their medical policies to include telehealth services.  As we are informed of the inclusion, we will update our site.  Please see below for additional information.

Your safety and the safety of our staff is of the utmost importance.  We have transitioned towards providing Telepsychiatry or Teletherapy visits to not only our patients considered "High Risk Population" but for all of our patients.  We ask for your patience and cooperation with our staff during this process.   At this time, we will be providing Telehealth services thru DOXY.ME, VIDHEALTH, and DOXIMITY, all of these platforms are HIPAA compliant company.  You do not need to register or sign up with any of these companies. DOXY.ME offers information for patients on how to receive services thru their platform   Please visit their website to find out more information.  If you do not have the capabilities to connect using video conferencing, our office is able to provide services via telephone.  


We will do our best to streamline the process but we will need your assistance.  You must understand the following:

1) You will need to call your insurance company to verify "Behavioral Telehealth Benefit" is covered under you current policy.  For your convenience, we have created a form for you to call and inquire regarding your benefits. Click document to access Insurance Verification Form.

2) You must be a resident of the State of Michigan to be able to receive Telepsychiatry and Teletherapy services. 

3) You must provide written and/or verbal consent on an annual basis for us to be able to provide Telehealth Services. Click to access online Consent Form.

4) You must call our office at (586) 773-6020 to request your scheduled visit to be changed to Telehealth services and provide our staff with a valid cell phone number or e-mail address.*

5) You must pay all balances, deductibles, co-payments and co-insurances when requesting the appointment change or at the time of scheduling the appointment.  Payments can be made on our website.  Click to access online PAYMENT.

6) You must have a computer, iPad, Tablet Smartphone or similar devices with internet access to be able to conduct Telehealth services.

7) You will need to grant, Vidhealth and Doximity access to your camera and microphone prior to your visit.  Please download the Patient Check In Flyer to help get prepared for your first call or view the demo video below.


*Some services may not be deemed appropriate for Telehealth visits and our provider have the right to deny the request.  The request will be determined on a case-by-case basis by your health care provider.  In such cases, our staff will communicate their recommendation.  Additionally, all Telehealth visits be adhere to our office hours and will not be available after hours.








At this time, we have been informed by a most if not all insurance companies will allow Behavioral Health Telehealth services to be billed.  Please know that does not guarantee payment.  You must have Telehealth coverage on your policy for the services to be considered for payment.  All deductible, co-payment and co-insurance will apply to these services.

The following insurance companies are allowing our office to provide Behavioral Health Telehealth services:

       - Aetna - Waived Deductibles (03/06/2020 - 03/31/2021) Does not apply to all plans.  Please call to verify your benefits. 

       - Beacon Health Options - most plans Waived deductibles during Public Health ER. Please call to verify your benefits.

       - Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan PPO- Effective 07/01/20 Deductible,  copays & coinsurnace apply.  No Cost                                       Telemedicine offered from (3/16/2020 - 6/30/2020)*

       - Blue Care Network -  Effective 07/01/20 Deductible,  copays & coinsurnace apply same as in-office visits.  No Cost 

                      Telemedicine offered from (3/16/2020 - 6/30/2020)*

       - Blue Care Network Advantage - Waived Deductible & offering No Cost Telemedicine (03/16/2020 - 12/31/2020)*

       - Cigna Behavioral Health - Allowing audio-video and audio only telehealth services- Deductibles waived until 07/31/20.

       - Health Alliance Plan of Michigan (HAP)  - Waived Deductibles (until 01/21/2021) Covered under mental health.

       - Humana (Dr. Haresh Mehta only) - Waived Deductibles (until 12/31/2020).

       - Medicare Plus Blue - Waived Deductibles & offering No Cost Telemedicine (03/16/2020 - 12/31/2020)*

       - Magellan Behavioral Health - Allowing telehealth services to all credentialed provider

       - Medicare - effective 03/13/2020 allowing telehealth services to all providers. Deductible and co-insurnace apply.

       - Priority Health (Dr. Mehta only) Allowing Telehealth services thru 12/31/2021.

       - Smarthealth - $25 copy for standard plans * $60 copay for high deductible plans * $30 copay for Bind contracts

       - United Health Care - Allowing telehealth services to all providers. Waived Deductibles (03/31/2020 to 09/30/2020)

* Blue Cross Blue Shield benefits vary from plan to plan.  If you are uncertain whether your plan covers telehealth, please call BCBSM customer service to for clarification. 

We will continue to monitor insurance websites regarding changes to help better assist our clients.  Again, we can not stress enough that all insurance companies are stating coverage and payment not guaranteed.  It must be a benefit explicitly stated on plan.  If you chose to have telehealth services, you may be responsible for payment of all non-covered charges. 


If telehealth services are not covered by your insurance company but you are still interested in receiving these services, we are able to offer them to you on a private pay basis.  Please do not hesitate to contact our office at (586) 773-6020 to get our fees and / or to schedule a telehealth appointment. 

Updated September 23, 2021